Email Scam Alert

We have a report that at least one member has received an email claiming to be from SSRPC with a fake invoice.

If you receive an email like this, please do not open it.

It is fake.



Work Day - October 13

Work will be from 8am - 1pm

Pot Luck Lunch, with Meat, Water and Buns Provided.

Members should bring a covered dish.

There will be a fun shoot after Lunch.

PLEASE RSVP so we can provide an appropriate amount of food for the Lunch.

You can RSVP to any board member.



Tannerite is Banned at the Range until Further Notice

Due to extremely dry conditions and increased fire danger, Tannerite is not allowed on the range

Range Improvements

As a Board we have been working on a range improvement plan for several years that will enhance safety and member usage. We have gone through several plans and have come up with the best plan that is cost effective and would benefit all of our members. The main benefit is safety. The plan provides more safety for members shooting in bays east of the 100 meter multi-purpose range all the way to the plinking pit. We will be closing the road that runs in front of the 100 meter multi-purpose range. The road going east will be behind the covered shooting area on that range. Also people shooting at the 500 meter range and the cowboy range could not use both ranges at the same time. We are going to add a dirt berm with concrete blocks to make it safe to use both ranges at the same time. We will have plans available for members to see at our next meeting that is on April 10th at 7:00. We are asking for your input. We are planning on voting on the proposal at that meeting.

Mike Homm - President of Sand and Sage Rifle and Pistol Club.